Photo: ECRN/FARO 2027

Faro artists to get creative on rooftops

Faro artists are being invited to sign up for summer artist residences in Antwerp (Belgium) and Chemnitz (Germany) as part of an open call launched by the European Creative Rooftop Network (ERCN).

Faro is one of the nine European cities included in the ERCN, a “network of organisations working ‘together apart’ to use European rooftops as creatively as possible”.

The deadline to sign up online for the artistic residences is March 16.

While there are nine European cities in the ERCN, they have been grouped into three “city trios”. Faro has been grouped together with Antwerp and Chemnitz, meaning artist exchanges can only happen between these three locations. The other two groups include Amsterdam (Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain) and Gothenburg (Sweden); and Belfast (Northern Ireland), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).

According to organisers, every artist selected must be committed to dedicate eight weeks to the Rooftop Artist Residency which will be split into three phases: five weeks of research working online, followed by a minimum of two weeks of residency in a host ECRN city (to be agreed with the ECRN partner), and one week of feedback and follow-up.

They are then expected to “develop a Rooftop Art Project in the host city and publicly present it (during an event or festival) and develop a Creative Rooftop Course for the local creative community of their city of origin and conduct it after the end of the Rooftop Artist Residency”.

For the art project, artists are invited to “re-imagine, reflect and/or speculate through their medium of art projects about the present and/or the future of European rooftops.”

The art projects can “take the form of performances, community projects, spatial interventions, photographic collections, storytelling, sculptures, visual art or creative research,” they say.

Meanwhile, the course “can take the form of a participatory workshop or other demonstration of artistic practices used during the Rooftop Artist Residency.

“The aim of the Creative Rooftop Course should be, on the one hand, to inspire other creatives from the local artistic community in engaging with the urban space of rooftops and, on the other hand, to share with other artists their specific insights from their experience, their methods, their artistic practice, their exploration tools, and the influence of working in another city,” says the ECRN.

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