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Faro area invaded by mosquitoes

An invasion of mosquitoes has been affecting Faro since September 9.

The area near Ria Formosa, as well as green areas in Faro, are being hit by the insects, especially after sunset.

Sofia Nunes from the Regional Health Authority (ARS) told the Algarve Resident: “The reason for this phenomenon could be related to the rainfall at the beginning of the month. The rain has created areas of accumulated stagnant water and even small water containers can create the appearance of thousands of mosquitoes.

“The temperature increase at the moment may also have sparked this boom of mosquitoes.”

The mosquito species is yet to be identified but Sofia Nunes said there is no danger of disease transmission.

“We do constant monitoring on mosquitoes and there are no species in the region that can affect humans,” said Sofia Nunes.