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Faro airport

Dear Editor,

I question as to whether any of your readers are of the same opinion as I regarding the changes that have been introduced at Faro Airport regarding vehicular access etc – introduced since a  tornado damage enforced major re-construction.

I admit my comments are based on only three recent air travels and if I am completely wrong then I do apologise profusely.

To a great extent, the original “Long & Short Term” car parks have been replaced by two huge “open-sided hangar type” buildings for “Departures”and “Arrivals”.

However, the former, it would appear, does not allow for drivers to assist their fares into the Departure Hall, unlike beforehand.

Vehicle drivers must be very observant not to by-pass the poorly signed “Short Term” car park entrance, otherwise an enforced  “round trip of 2kms” for entry must follow. Furthermore, if my memory serves me correctly, there is only one departure gate, and I have witnessed six cars awaiting exit due to the first driver not having processed his ticket.

As regards the “Arrivals”, it would appear that 75% of the car spaces are solely for taxis. Am I being unrealistic to suggest that the greater majority of folk resort to either a hire car or friends/family to collect? Or has an analysis proved to the contrary?

I understand that hire car renters must traipse, invariably with trolley, from the hirers’ offices at the eastern end of the airport building to a distance beyond the western end, to access their vehicle.

The foregoing written “tongue in cheek”; but if fellow readers broadly agree, perhaps a better sign posting may arise plus a diagrammatic plan will appear in the media and/or internet.

Richard Thurman

Armação de Pêra