Faro airport woes

Dear Editor,

I travel regularly through Faro airport, usually once a month, so have witnessed first-hand the upheaval of the various stages of refurbishment and expansion over the last year or two. There is still much to be done but I am concerned that two of the most important aspects have not been addressed. One is the deplorable state of the toilets, especially in the baggage reclaim area.

Whilst waiting for my bags last week, I was desperate to use the facilities – something I have learned to avoid – and was greeted with the same stench of stale urine and general appearance of neglect as always.

I suppose the loos will eventually be refurbished, but if they cannot keep the old ones clean, why should we think new loos will be any better?

And then we have the passport control. As the airport has grown and grown, the number of passport booths seems to have remained the same. OK, they have added the automated gates, but these, more often than not, are out of order.

I cannot see where they are going to find room to expand the passport area, so I can only imagine that the increased capacity of the airport is going to result in even longer queues.

As a long-time resident and frequent traveller, I would like to feel proud of our local airport, but, as it stands, I feel ashamed that after all the investment, this vitally important aspect of the Algarve tourism offering remains an embarrassment.

Name withheld on request