Faro Airport targets Huelva market

A CAMPAIGN has been launched in the Spanish province of Huelva to highlight Faro Airport as a gateway to low cost travel for the people of Huelva. As part of the campaign, a new service offering regular coach transfers from Faro Airport to Huelva has also been created.

The management board at Faro Airport hopes that the project will contribute towards the greater development of the airport and the Algarve region as a whole. The campaign is being supported by various public and private entities on both sides of the frontier.

In an effort to reinforce the Algarve’s presence over the Spanish border, an advertising campaign is being launched in Huelva this month, and is due to continue until the end of August. The campaign slogan is “Vuela desde tu casa” (fly from your home), and advertisements promoting the Algarve region are due to appear in several Spanish newspapers, including Huelva Noticias, Huelva Información and El Mundo, all popular daily newspapers. A 30-second television commercial is also being shown on Teleonuba, the most viewed channel in the Huelva region.  

The idea behind the campaign is to raise awareness among the people of the Algarve and Huelva of the proximity between the two regions, and promote Faro Airport as a travel gateway to many destinations via low cost airlines.