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Faro airport roof blown off

Dear Editor,

Regarding the incident on Monday at the airport, we had to run for our lives with a small baby and injuring my shoulder and neck.

We were left outside with nobody to help us and people still arriving to get their planes. We were left badly shaken up. We were told on numerous occasions by airport staff to speak to Ryanair staff but there were not any and airport staff basically told us to go away.

And we had to go to find a doctor who was more concerned about us signing a disclaimer saying we would not take any legal action with the airport.

We were not offered food or water and could not queue up to get food as we were so badly shaken up. We just wanted to get home and get our flight and get medical attention in Dublin but the doctors were just more interested in us signing disclaimers, which makes us sick.

When one woman in our group wouldn’t sign this, he took it back off her.

They were letting flights out for Ryanair and only at 4pm when we demanded to talk to the director of the airport and told him we had been treated like dogs and wanted the Irish Embassy contacted was a flight found for us.

We will not be returning to the Algarve as won’t many people in the airport for the Dublin and Bristol flight who were not spoken to, asked if they were ok or even given food or drink for the babies and small children.

I hope you publish this letter to highlight the pain and distress Faro Airport has caused us.


Editor’s note:  The Algarve Resident spoke to ANA Aeroportos Director Dr. Rui Oliveira who denied all knowledge of the situation.  “There is no such doctor working for ANA,” he said.