Faro airport passenger arrivals ‘chaos’ lasted only one hour and “has been sorted”

Images of a chaotic passenger arrivals hall in Faro airport on the evening of Tuesday August 25 have inflamed social media, even leading to ‘complaints to the government’ from the Algarve’s opposition MP Cristóvão Norte.

But the truth, say authorities, is that the desperate scenario involving 800 incoming passengers – and in which no physical distancing was possible – lasted “little more than an hour” (see update as this is not in fact the case)

As we wrote in this week’s cover story (click here), SEF passport control inspectors “were taken by surprise” by the sudden influx of holidaymakers from Britain, not having anticipated that planes would suddenly start arriving completely full.

SEF has since ‘reinforced’ inspector numbers. There are now more than 12 on duty in Faro reports TSF radio – and from September 1 there will be a further 10 drafted in.

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