Faro Airport to be named Gago Coutinho (Algarve, Portugal)

Faro Airport linked to six new destinations this summer

National airport authority ANA has announced that Faro Airport will be linked to six new destinations in the summer of 2023: Aarhus (Denmark); Bilbao (Spain); Strasbourg (France); Rome (Italy); and Jersey and Exeter (UK).

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair will operate the Aarhus and Rome air links and Spanish low-cost airline Volotea will operate the Strasbourg and Bilbao routes.

Twelve existing air links at Faro Airport will now be served by an additional airline in the summer, ANA also announced.

The Resident contacted ANA to confirm which airlines will be operating the Jersey and Exeter routes and which air links will now be operated by an additional airline and will update once the information is received.

ANA’s statement also says that the number of seats offered has increased between Faro Airport and the Algarve’s main markets – UK, Ireland and France – compared to the summer of 2019.

All in all, Faro Airport will be linked to 71 destinations this summer and offer 81 routes.

The airport authority also reports that Ryanair, which during the summer will operate 47 air links at Faro Airport, will increase the number of planes based at the airport from eight to 10, while Easyjet will maintain four planes based at the airport and plans to operate 21 routes.

Carbon neutrality

ANA has also reiterated its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, with concrete measures being implemented at Faro Airport.

A solar plant was installed at the airport in 2022, generating around 30% of its energy consumption. Changes have also been made to the airport’s lighting system and the system which supplies electricity to airplanes when they are grounded. The vehicle fleet is also being replaced with electric cars, it adds.

Vinci Airports, the private airport operator that runs ANA, is also developing its own reforestation programme across Portugal. Around 2,500 trees were planted in Tavira in 2022 as part of a partnership with the Nature and Forest Conservation Institute (ICNF) and environmental association Quercus. The operator also supports the work carried out by Olhão-based wildlife rehabilitation centre RIAS.