Faro Airport initiates

Faro Airport initiates "Ebola training"

Health || Faro Airport workers underwent special Ebola awareness training last Friday (August 22) to learn what to do if they suspect someone is infected with the virus.
The training session was organised by the General-Directorate for Health (DGS) following concern voiced by border authorities (SEF) regarding how to react if they thought they were dealing with an infected passenger.
In a nutshell, workers were told that they should pay special heed to check whether travellers had been in any of the Western African countries affected by Ebola (now including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea) in the last 21 days.
They should then assess whether the traveller shows any signs of being infected, and if so, warn health authorities so that they can “isolate the patient, carry out a valid diagnosis and treat the traveller in the best possible conditions”.
This year’s Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been causing worldwide concern, having already killed over 2,600 people, according to data revealed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on August 20.