Faro airport

Dear Editor,

The result of your survey showing 78 per cent of people are happy with Faro Airport (edition May 2) is reassuring and also worrying. It has been reported recently that there is a proposal to develop another airport to compete with Faro in the Lagos/Portimão area and cited poor facilities due to over-capacity at Faro.

I travel through Faro airport five or six times a year. In the last 12 months I have also travelled through 10 other airports worldwide. Without a doubt the passenger facilities at Faro are first class – no queues or waiting periods of any consequence, helpful staff and adequate, if not luxurious toilet, catering and waiting facilities.

It would be interesting to know the views of the airlines on the level of service they experience for their aircraft and the level of costs compared to other airports.

I firmly believe there is no sustainable argument for a new airport. The western Algarve is reachable in 90 minutes. Another airport is not necessary on environmental grounds and the growth in passenger traffic just does not warrant another airport.

The international race track to the north west of Portimao will, in itself, have no significant impact on airport use in the Algarve. Faro can cope with a significant increase in traffic without feeling the strain.

Of course Faro has a local monopoly. I am not familiar with the Portuguese regulatory regime in the airport sector of the economy, but I would be surprised if it did not have sufficient teeth to ensure that a monopoly situation was not being abused.

Another airport would be as successful as the Algarve football stadium.

A C JOWETT, Mexilhoeira Grande

Dear Editor,

One aspect of travelling out of Faro that continues to irritate is the poor quality and overpriced food and beverage on offer.

On many occasions we have been disappointed and have vowed to pack sandwiches in future.

ANDY MCRAE, Plymouth/Tavira