Faro airport

Dear Editor, 

With regard to your story about Faro airport extensions (Algarve Resident, February 20), the main complaint from home owners like me is the dreadful time it takes to clear passport control.

After being cooped up in a plane for 2 1/2 hours, more often only two desks are open.

A further source of conversation is – what on earth is the point of the plane gantreys if they are not being used? Are they for decoration?

To compete with Gatwick and the like is a none starter, as this London Airport gets passengers on and off quickly and easily, without the archaic use of buses loading and unloading, plus the fuel, maintenance and labour costs involved.

Let’s hope the Portuguese authorities get up to the 21st century and encourage tourists to come to a lovely country, also to make life easier for the countless numbers of European home owners who travel to and from their respective country residences, by sorting Faro Airport without due delay.

Apart from this short comment, l must add the Resident is an excellent tabloid and l keep up to date by my computer with everything going on. Many thanks.

Ken Francis, by email