Farmers’ protest

New tax laws have mobilised producers in Lagos who claim their implementation will kill a valuable local activity. The growers and subsistence farmers are launching a petition which they hope to take all the way to Parliament.
At issue are the laws which oblige them to register for tax and issue receipts.

As the growers say in a motion which they are presenting to Lagos Câmara: “We consider that the recent fiscal legislation is a threat to the community and the very existence of the Levant Market.

“The indiscriminate implementation of the new rules will mean the annihilation of economic and social activities, as well as the destruction of farmlands.

“Instead of passing legislation of this kind, we should be supporting the growth of traditional agriculture, both on a regional and national level.

“We request the following from the Municipal Assembly: that agricultural activities – as described in Article 53 of CIVA (the new tax code in question) – be exempt from the issue of invoices. The precedent has already been set by local farmers transporting produce not being required to complete delivery notes”.

Local resident Lena Strang, who is helping the growers by trying to take their message to the foreign-speaking community, said: “This needs to become a mega campaign. It is absolutely ridiculous that someone selling a tiny bunch of spring onions for 20 cents should have to issue a receipt.”

The campaign will be helped by local citizens’ group ASMAA and a petition should be up online and circulating soon.

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