Farewell water cuts? Sesmarias water tower capacity to increase significantly

Long-awaited news for Sesmarias residents!

Some long-awaited news for the residents of Sesmarias (Lagoa) has arrived in the form of Court of Auditors approval for a project to significantly increase reservoir capacity at the Sesmarias water tower from 600 cubic metres to 6,500.

Announcing the news today, Lagoa Council said the works will be “essential for an effective supply of water” as well as to save water.

The local authority also recognised that the project will address the severe water cuts that have affected the local population for a “long time.”

“The current capacity to store just 600 cubic metres of water means that part of the municipality is very affected by water cuts whenever there is a rupture in the main supply pipe,” the council says in a statement to the press.

In other words, all it takes is one leak to “easily leave the reservoir completely dry”. Making matters worse is that it then “takes a long time until it has the capacity to supply the population” once again.

This project is extremely important because, apart from remodelling and increasing the capacity to store water, it will later allow the substitution of the old and degraded pipe that supplies the Sesmarias area, which is one of the main supply pipes in the municipality and suffers many leaks throughout the year,” the council said.

“Thus, with the increase of the reservoir capacity and replacement of the main pipe that supplies that area of the borough, the council will ensure that less water is wasted,” it added.

The works will cost around €2 million and are expected to last one year, meaning they should be completed by August 2023.

“The remodelling of the water supply system, with all that it entails, namely the substitution of one of the main pipes in the borough, is our priority. Reducing water losses in the municipality is a commitment that I have made to the people of Lagoa and we are working to fulfil it,” said Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação.

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