Fantastic Super Bock surf final .jpg

Fantastic Super Bock surf final

FRENCH surfer, Joan Duru, won the Super Bock Pro competition at Praia da Cordoama in Vila do Bispo recently, after a day of qualifying rounds.

With one metre high waves, the conditions were good, although a little inconsistent, but the warm water meant that the surfers did not need to use their wetsuits. However, local star and winner of last year’s event, Marlon Lipke, dislocated his shoulder in his heat and had to pull out.

The best performance of the morning came from Gony Zubizarreta (Spain), but he failed to make the final cut. The four finalists: Ruben Gonzalez (Portugal), Justin Mujica (Portugal), Joan Duru (France) and Hodei Colazzo (Spain) started their 30-minute final at 6.30pm, in front of large crowds at Cordoama beach. The lead changed rapidly throughout, however, Duru stole the championship, catching one of the final waves of the day to take first place.

Gonzalez finished in fourth, Hodei in third, and Justin Mujica, who had victory snatched from him in the dying moments, came in second. Champion Joan Duru was ecstatic about his victory, saying: “I don’t believe it, everything was perfect. It’s my first win in Portugal. I’m stoked!”

Super Bock staged a dance at Praia da Batata in Lagos, following the competition, to celebrate the weeklong competitions that took place at different locations along the west coast.