Fantasia will open in 2007

news: Fantasia will open in 2007

One of the main backers of the 10 million euro Fantasia Park project, due to be built on the outskirts of Cascais, Ricardo Villar, has revealed that he is confident the park will be open by summer 2007.

Villar says that “a big step has been made” and the consortium behind the project now expect to receive their project licence in June 2005. This means that the park will open in July 2007, five months earlier than the original opening date, “otherwise it will not be worth opening at all that year,” says Villar. The problems experienced by the amusement park consortium concern access routes to the new attraction.

Work cannot start until the group has a final decision from Cascais Câmara as to which road is going to service the park. “If there is no guarantee that the north Via Longitudinal, which is due to be accessed through the A5, will be built, we can’t start our project,” Villar explained.

Cascais Câmara President, António Capucho, says that he knows about the situation and guarantees that he is doing everything possible to speed up the licensing of the north Via Longitudinal.