Fans demand money back over chaotic Julio Iglesias concert in Lisbon on Saturday

Dozens of fans saw red after shelling out for a much-publicised Julio Iglesias concert at Lisbon’s Meo Arena on Saturday.

Not only was the romantic crooner looking very unlike his publicity photos – the dark flowing locks having made way for almost no hair at all – but the sound system left a great deal to be desired.

In fact, it led over 50 disgruntled fans leaving their seats to demand the return of their ticket money.

In the midst of the confusion – which saw Iglesias soldiering-on amidst whistles and boos – police on duty were called on “to do something about the sound”.

To make matters worse, the fans who left the auditorium to make their complaints were refused re-entry to the concert hall.

It was a far cry from the pre-publicity razzmatazz which featured articles on Iglesias, looking several years younger than he did on Saturday, declaring: “there is something in me that is Portuguese”.

On Sunday, as national media called the show’s promoters for a comment, they were met with stony silence.

According to reports, tickets for the concert ranged from €25 to €120.

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