Fancy fingers, a new manicure maestro moves to the Algarve

news: Fancy fingers, a new manicure maestro moves to the Algarve

AS YOUR average woman, I do my fair share of washing-up, cleaning as well as the odd weekend mixing cement, a lifestyle which doesn’t really lend itself to long, elegant, well manicured nails. Or so I thought. After a week of having gel nails from Fancy Fingers, a manicure service run by Jean Davis, they’re still going strong and looking great.

Back in 1984, Jean launched her own patented system for nail extensions in the UK, using a combination of gel and ultraviolet light. Unlike other forms of false nails, Jean’s system does not use any harmful or abrasive products, which means that healthy nail growth is promoted underneath the false one.

After ‘exfoliating’ the nail with a soft nail board to clean the nail, Jean then applies the false nail tip to the end of the natural nail, it is then filed to the required length, shaped and blended in to look like your own natural nail. A layer of gel is applied, as you would a coat of nail varnish, before placing your hands under the ultraviolet light for a couple of minutes, the process is then repeated with another two coats. And that’s it – done, all that remains is to have moisturiser massaged in to leave your hands feeling soft, smelling good and looking completely natural.

After working in the beauty industry in England, supplying salons with her products and training others to follow in her footsteps, Jean has now brought her experience and knowledge to Portugal. “The nail salons in Algarve Shopping are always busy, but I prefer the personal touch. With Fancy Fingers, you can have your nails done in three-quarters-of-an-hour in the comfort of my home, with no interruptions and no shoppers gawking at you.” As well as giving you fantastic looking nails, Jean also offers Depileve’s ultimate moisturising treatment. Using warm paraffin wax, it softens the cuticles, stimulates circulation, soothes and relaxes you in just 15 minutes.

• For more information or to book yourself in for a manicure, nail extensions, wax moisturising treatment or hand massage call Jean on 282 332 388 or 916 771 496.