Fan mail

1. I would like to say thank you to 125 Computadores as they have provided my family with a fantastic service. We first visited them at BLiP a couple of years ago, but, at the time, we could not afford to buy a computer. Recently, we visited them again and, this time, we bought a computer for the whole family. The staff were really helpful and are always available should we need them; and we have, as we are new to this age of technology! We would also like to say thank you to The Resident for informing us of BLiP in the first place!

Caroline Smith

By email

2. I’m Portuguese and occasionally like to read English magazines and newspapers. Since I discovered The Resident, I started buying it regularly. I’m writing for two reasons:

Firstly, I’m a big fan of Skip Bandele’s chronicles ‘Is it just me?’. He writes in a very sensitive, humane and wise way, and I always agree with him. My full marks to his last chronicle ‘A world of hurt’ – it was fantastic! Congratulations Skip, go on like that! The second reason is that I want to congratulate all the people who work at The Resident; it’s a very good newspaper, interesting and with lots of information and news. Well done!


Editor: Thank you for your comments, Cecília. As a Portuguese national myself, it’s always great to know of other Portuguese readers! No doubt Skip will be delighted to know he has a special fan…