Family of Portuguese health worker who died following Covid vaccination “still waiting for answers”

The family of Sónia Azevedo – the apparently healthy operational assistant from Porto who died after receiving the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine on December 30 – is still waiting for answers as to what caused the tragedy.

A statement from the Justice ministry has already said the 41-year-old’s sudden death ‘had nothing to do with the vaccine’ received two days before (click here).

But it didn’t elaborate on the cause of death – and this has left her immediate family if not friends even more bewildered than they already were.

Say reports today, Sónia Azevedo’s parents and children “are going to request the laboratory results from the Public Ministry”.

Picking up on social media posts of Sónia’s eldest daughter Vânia Figueiredo, it is clear they are not in the least bit impressed with the way this terrible moment in their lives has been handled.

“I still don’t know the result of the autopsy!” Wrote the daughter yesterday, the day the body was released for cremation.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã has spoken with people who knew Sónia Azevedo, and reports the “wave of shock” that has swept through all of them. 

Sónia’s father Abílio has already spoken of his daughter’s ‘perfectly normal’ demeanour on the last night that he saw her alive, saying he needs to know what happened to have cut her life so short and without any prior notice.

This far the Justice Ministry has simply said the cause of death is protected by ‘secrecy of justice’.