Family of Leiria businessman kidnapped in Mozambique “desperate for information”

The family of Leiria businessman Aires Simão Alves – kidnapped in Maputo, Mozambique, over a month ago – are desperate for information.

There has been no ransom demand and the only suspect, a business partner named as António Pimenta, has been released on bail and since left the country.

The family are reported to believe Alves was kidnapped in order to terrify him into returning home and leaving the business to Pimenta.

Right now, one of Alves’ sons is understood to be in Maputo, accompanying police with their investigations.

His 60-year-old father who runs a oil-recycling business (transforming cooking oil into fuel for engines) was driving home on March 21 when his car was stopped by five men, who then forced their way into his vehicle and drove away.

Since then, no-one has seen or heard of him, writes national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Alves’ partner Pimenta had been held by police for three weeks before he was released, on the understanding that he would not leave the country.

He too has since disappeared, says the paper.