Family members seek €500,000 for fatal blood transfusions

The tragic case of a man given eight transfusions of the wrong type of blood, and dying as a result, has at last come to court – five years since his death following what should have been a routine operation. The family of Luís Oliveira are claiming €500,000 over the loss of their loved one, whose blood type was confused with a fellow patient with the same name.

The ‘mistake’ came because both men were sharing a room at Amadora’s Clínica de Santo António, explains Correio da Manhã.

When a technician came in to take 64-year-old Oliveira’s blood type the day before surgery to the former CTT Post Office worker’s knee, the man was asleep.

The technician ended up taking the other patient’s blood, presuming he was the correct Luís Oliveira.

But the two men had different blood types: the dead man’s being O RH+, the other’s being A RH+.

The family’s case for medical negligence has already failed, adds CM.