Family left in shock after PSP raid ‘wrong’ house

A young woman and her two young children have been left in shock after PSP police burst into their home, wrestled the woman to the ground and handcuffed her.

The PSP claim “the house was in the case file… there was no mistake”.

But the suspect they were after no longer lived there, says tabloid Correio da Manhã, explaining he was the previous tenant.

Leiria’s PSP however doesn’t seem to see it that way. Their answer has been that “the suspect wasn’t in”.

24-year-old ‘victim’ Alexandra Machado says the incident has left both her children traumatised.

It also left the door of her home in the Bairro Sá Carneiro damaged.

It’s unclear whether Ms Machado will be afforded any kind of compensation. She was apparently in bed with her children when police burst in.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã, the raid took place as part of an operation that saw eight people arrested (in other locations) and drugs, guns and money seized.