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Family killed as light plane crashes on trip to Cascais

A Spanish family with two children, aged six and 10, died yesterday as the light plane in which they were travelling crashed on the way to Cascais.

According to reports, the family was en-route to Portugal from Madrid when the plane came down over an area of trees near Segurilla, Toledo.

By the time rescue workers reached the site, the aircraft was in flames, with four passengers “carbonized” inside, writes Correio da Manhã.

Local paper La Voz de Tajo however suggests there should have been a fifth person onboard: the pilot – and thus searches are underway to try and locate him, or at least another body.

For now, the reasons for the crash appear to be unknown. There is no record of a mayday call, or any other type of communication with air traffic control.

El País newspaper says the plane was a Beechcraft King Air 90. It was only 20 minutes into its flight when it went down over Toledo, say reports.

A source at Tires aerodrome outside Lisbon has told Lusa the plane was expected to land at 16.00 local time, while CM put the reasons for the flight as “a business trip for the couple”, whose ages so far have not been reported.

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