Family in despair as authorities fail to retrieve body from Gerês canyoning tragedy

Days after a 38-year-old Portuguese man fell to his death canyoning in Spanish part of Parque Gerês, his body has still not been retrieved and his family is described as “in torment”.

The so-far unnamed radical sportsman died on Saturday evening when he was exploring a treacherous stretch of a water course known as Corga de Frecha, near Ourense, Galicia (click here).

Accompanied by three others, including a 30-year-old woman, the man got into difficulties as they traversed a waterfall. The force of the water is what has been described as holding back recovery teams.

Efforts on Monday and Tuesday had to be abandoned, and at time of going to press, it looked like the body would have to remain where it lies until at least Thursday.

According to a source from Spanish Guarda Civil police, poor weather conditions have also been hampering operations as “the rock face where the eight-man recovery team is working is wet and slippery, constituting heightened risk”.

The man’s body is described as being wedged between a rock and the waterfall.

The same source told SIC television that recovery efforts would resume on Thursday, but was not specific as to what time.

Meantime, family members desperate for news are being yet permanently informed.

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