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Family chiropractic introduces new wellness technology

IN AN effort to provide the best care possible for the community, Dr. Edward Saltys of Saltys Chiropractic Centre recently introduced the Insight Subluxation Station™, the newest technology available for the chiropractic profession, into his family wellness practice in Lagoa.

This technology is used to assist in the detection of subluxations by measuring physiological activity. Subluxation is the term used to describe an abnormal position/movement of the spinal verterbrae, which disturbs communication within the central nervous system, causing decreased human potential and function. The Subluxation Station™ features three different, painless and non-invasive tests that help characterise this abnormal activity surrounding the spine.

“Often, subluxations do not create pain or discomfort until they have progressed to an advanced stage,” says Dr. Saltys. “The Subluxation Station™ helps me to accurately identify these problems before they become symptomatic.” As a result, your chiropractor can prepare a specific care programme based on each patient’s test results.

Dr. Saltys received extensive hands-on training at a recent four-day chiropractic programme. “At the programme, I was provided with scientific research that proves having a subluxation-free spine and nervous system is an essential component of optimum health. My vision and mission is to serve this community by promoting spinal health and wellness,” maintains Dr. Saltys.

Anyone wishing to receive a computerised spinal screening can contact the Saltys Chiropractic Centre at 282 341 004 to arrange for an appointment, or request more information about chiropractic and the technology. The centre is located across from Caixa Agrícola de Lagoa. Also read last week’s edition of The Resident for interview with Dr. Saltys.