Family at the basis of social structure

A petition calling for several laws to be revised, including those related to voluntary abortion and gay marriages, has been signed by more than 5,000 people.

Entitled ‘Defender O futuro’ (meaning ‘Protecting the Future’), the petition opposes current laws in favour of gay marriage, the liberalisation of abortion legislation, the new divorce law and artificial reproduction, which it claims have contributed to the current economic and social crisis, as they destroy “the pillars of society”.

The petition reads: “The laws that have been corroding the social fabric of the country have even been criticised by the President of the Republic. Urgent legislative alterations are needed so that the concept of family can be recognised as fundamental to social organisation and to the promotion of individual responsibility, intergenerational solidarity and economic growth.”

Bagão Félix, former labour minister, well-known paediatric surgeon Gentil Martins and economist César das Neves were among the first to sign the petition.