Families of five pilgrims killed in 2015 demand justice

Twenty months since their loved ones were mown down by a driver now charged with drug and alcohol offences, the families of five pilgrims who never made it to Fátima are demanding justice.

“We will fight to the end”, one relative has told national tabloid Correio da Manhã as 26-year-old Levan Moseshvili remains ‘free’ though prohibited from driving.

Described as a Luso-Georgian, Moseshvili is accused of five crimes of homicide through negligence, four of ‘offences to physical integrity’ and faces other charges, including dangerous driving.

But what is extraordinary is that this case has taken so long to get to court, considering it was a slam dunk from the very beginning (click here).

CM adds today that Moseshvili was caught drink driving back in 2013. The incident also involved a car accident, said the paper.

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