False government plan to ease Portugal’s lockdown ‘invades social media’

The government has been quick to refute the contents of a Whatsapp message that has ‘invaded social media’ this morning, purportedly outlining its plans to unlock the country in stages, starting from next month.

Says TSF radio, the office of the prime minister has guaranteed that the document is false.

The file being widely shared has graphics that are “very similar” to those used by the government throughout the pandemic – which is why so many people have taken it to be genuine.

“In this false plan one finds false information on measures for areas like education, the catering sector, transports and commerce”, says TSF – stressing that the real plan is still not in the public domain. Indeed there are those who fear there is no real plan yet, although President Marcelo has made it clear he expects a brief in which deconfinement will be undertaken in phases “on the basis of objective indicators”, says the station.

Parliament today is due to debate (and ultimately approve) Portugal’s 12th State of Emergency in which the country will remain as confined and restricted as it has been since the middle of January.

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