Sónia Melo, online Portuguese teacher
Sónia Melo, online Portuguese teacher

Fala português? Speak like a local!

Portuguese lessons are proving as popular as ever at Centro de Línguas de Lagos

We’ve seen many changes in our lives and learning since our inception in 1982, but the challenges of the last couple of years have certainly been extraordinary. That said, this has led to developing new ways of working and learning.

Consequently, online groups and private lessons are becoming ever more popular, and we have group sessions for Portuguese now running online at various levels. A popular beginner’s course starts October 10.

However, whilst our group sessions run remotely, many of our students still prefer classroom-based sessions. They are offered for small groups of up to three people.

Pedro Cassiano, Portuguese language teacher
Pedro Cassiano, Portuguese language teacher

We, of course, aim to please and are happy to offer either means of learning to our clients. For those students who may not be permanent residents in Portugal, we can offer a blend of face-to-face and online lessons.

Private lessons are offered in Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish and we are recognised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. There is also a two-for-the-price-of-one offer on private lessons.

And for the students who are interested in applying for Portuguese citizenship, we offer preparation for the CIPLE A2 exam in Portuguese, which is a prerequisite of your citizenship application.

So, why not come and see us, or contact us:

(+351) 282 761 070
(+351) 935 456 388
[email protected]