Fairness and Transparency

Dear Editor

Following regional stories through your paper, one cannot fail to detect the kind of lack of fairness and transparency in government that, anywhere else in Europe, could relatively easily be denounced through the media/using the law.

For example, the reasons given for “forging ahead with oil and gas exploration”, despite the fact that it will inevitably threaten the unpolluted waters of the Algarve and Costa Vicentina: Portugal’s ‘wealth’ – much more important, we’re told, than any perfectly valid environmental concerns.

Okay, got it: ‘environment not important, wealth paramount’ (except of course that the ‘deal’ made with oil companies will not bring this, according to campaigners).

Okay, let’s move on to this pitiful situation where the government (no matter which ‘colour’) wants to get rid of a small bunch of island-dwelling people in Ria Formosa. Reason given: the environment.

Now, am I the only person who does a double-take?

The environment cannot be ‘used’ as an excuse for one act of meanness, when its importance is completely played down over a scenario with far greater implications. Where is the fairness and transparency here? What is the government really trying to do? Gut feelings suggest ‘wealth paramount’ again in an executive where freebies handed out by private interest are thought ‘all part of the job’ and perfectly acceptable.

Perhaps it is time for all the groups fighting their separate cases of injustice to band together and go ‘international’?

With the help of social media and a few well-placed news stories in the press, this might not be so impossible. It would certainly get injustices ‘out there’ and perhaps rattle the corrupt establishment that uses every expedient trick in the book to get what it wants.

Annie Oakley