Faina restaurant opens at Portimão museum in July

A new restaurant that promises to offer “new experiences each week combining history, culture and delicious food” is opening in the first half of July at Portimão museum.

Entitled Faina, the eatery will overlook the Arade River and be spread across two floors with two very different concepts.

The highlight will be on the first-floor, where every week there will be a new unique menu combining three or four different dishes and wines.

“Our goal is to have people thinking ‘what will they come up with this week’,” Emídio Freire, soon to be the head chef of Faina, told Barlavento newspaper.

There will also be a cafeteria on the ground floor where “personalised petiscos (tapas)” will be served, using a variety of typically Algarvean ingredients, as well as an outdoor terrace where there will be cultural events, concerts and DJ sets against a river backdrop.

Freire, who is a fan of cinema, says he is also hoping to film old regional traditions such as the fishing process to then display at the restaurant.

The idea is to create an original concept that will get people out of their homes.

“There are people who don’t even go out any more, but if there is a place that is offering something different, they just might,” Freire added.

Plans are to keep the restaurant open every day during summer.