Fag end fines: ‘you have been warned!’

Parliament has today approved a draft law that paves the way to people being fined substantial amounds for dropping fag ends in public places.

Proposed by PAN (People Animals Nature party), PCP communists voted against along with various centre-right MPs. Some even abstained. But the combined forces of PS, Bloco de Esquerda and PEV (the Green party) won through.

The text, read by PAN’s only MP André Silva, “prohibits the dropping of cigarette butts in public space” and calls for the government to promote awareness of this matter, so that people responsible for commercial establishments are obliged to provide ashtrays.

Anyone not complying with the law would be open to prosecution for environmental crime – from light to serious – and “the application of elevated fines”.

Reports seemed to settle on the figure of €200 for possible fines, but later Correio da Manhã quoted anything from €500 to €9,000.

It’s still by no means certain that the law will follow the text presented by André Silva.

MPs have said that they agree to the suggestions in principle but want to see further discussion on wording before the final vote.

PAN’s draft law was presented a week after the story of volunteers in Aveiro, who managed to collect over 87,000 fag ends from streets in the city in just one hour (click here).

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