Fado, the traditional music of Portugal

Can we be the only British living in the Algarve who love the traditional music of Portugal, Fado? 

As regular readers of the Algarve Resident for some years, we do not recall seeing any mention of this wonderful music, and yet it is the very essence of Portugal.

Nor do we see any concerts advertised other than the ALLGARVE events. 

Last week’s issue advertised a string of pop/rock concerts such as Skunk Anansie at Lisbon’s Coliseu and yet there was no mention made of the most wonderful concert to be performed at the same venue just three days beforehand, by Portugal’s Fado icon, Mariza, who has performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall etc. Why not?

Many visitors we meet are unaware that Portugal has its own traditional music, let alone the existence of the lute-shaped Portuguese guitar that accompanies the style so beautifully.  What missed opportunities for visitors to return home with a richer knowledge of Portugal than when they arrived! 

We feel privileged to live in this beautiful country and it would be so helpful to see traditional Portuguese music appear in your listings alongside other music genres, so that your readers have the opportunity to sample this very important side of Portuguese culture, which is sadly neglected in the Algarve. 

Gillian and Robert Atkin


Editor’s note: Dear Gillian and Robert, your comments are much appreciated and have certainly been taken on board as you will read an article on Amália Rodrigues on page 9 of this edition as well as mention of Mariza’s upcoming concerts in Portugal on page 39. We have previously written about Amália Rodrigues and Fado but you may have missed those articles. The last one was by our reporter Chris Graeme in the Algarve Resident edition of August 14, entitled Life of Fado legend told in clothes, jewels and photographs’.