Facebook winners

Congratulations to Helena McCartan, Rosemary Ward, Debra Sadler Burkett and Hélia Albertina, who are the winners of our Facebook competition of January 16.

They had to tell us, in 12 words, why they can’t do without their weekly Algarve Resident. They have each won a 6-month electronic subscription to the Algarve Resident! Thank you all for participating! Here are the winning answers:

Helena McCartan: The only real Algarve news comes from the Algarve Resident each week.

Rosemary Ward: Need my ALGARVE RESIDENT FIX every week when not in Portugal.

Debra Sadler Burkett: Going to grow old there, so need to know what’s happening now.

Hélia Albertina: The Algarve Resident is part of the family, can’t live without it!

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