Bolo-rei, Portugal’s Christmas cake, will be baked by chef Basto’s team for distribution among the needy

Facebook launches campaign to support pastry shops during Christmas in Portugal

Facebook has launched a campaign called #DoceNatalCompreLocal (“#SweetXmasBuyLocal”) to help promote local businesses in Portugal, including the Quinta dos Avós pastry shop in the Algarve, with the help of two Portuguese pastry chefs.

 Francisco Moreira and Rita Nascimento were challenged to share the best places to buy the traditional Portuguese Bolo-Rei cake and other Christmas treats. 

“Covid-19 is a public health emergency that forces us to rethink the season, starting with adapting our Christmas shopping and traditions to the current situation”, Facebook explained in a publication to announce the launch of the campaign. “At the same time, it is precisely at this moment that small and medium-sized companies expect our support and contribution to the economic recovery.”

There are 20 pastry shops from north to south of the country included in the campaign, and all have take-away or home delivery service.

Chef Francisco Moreira’s, who presents on “Doces do Ofício” on the channel 24 Kitchen, selected Pastelaria Garrett, in sea-side town Estoril, which stands out for its queen cake, followed by Pastelaria Versailles and Confeitaria Nacional, in Lisbon; the  Confeitaria Tavi and Confeitaria Nova Rea, in Porto; Ferreira Capa in Braga; Quinta dos Avos in Algoz; the Pastelaria Violeta, in Evora; the Docealhada in Mealhada; and Kodea Bakery, in Madeira.

For Rita Nascimento, author of the blog and Youtube channel La Dolce Rita, the list starts with O Careca, in Lisbon, and also includes Pastelaria Batalha, in Lisbon and Mafra;  Confeitaria Petúlia,in Porto; the Pastelaria Flor de Aveiro, in Aveiro; Pastelaria Luiz da Rocha,in Beja; and Confeitaria Lopes, in Ponte de Lima.

When choosing the best king cake, both experts agree that the dough should have a good texture. “Smooth, without being too thick”, Francisco Moreira pointed out, adding that the cake must be “balanced in the variety of ingredients, so that there is a balance in the mixture of candied fruits and nuts.”