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Fabulous vegetables

There is an amazing choice of vegetables in all supermarkets and local markets at the moment.  What alarms me, is the cost of produce labeled organic.  Apart from the cost, which can easily be three times that of so-called organic vegetables, they are frequently far from appealing to the eye.  Watch out for next month’s feauture, when we will take an in-depth look at what is available from the organic farmers.  If you have already had experiences, please write in and let us know.  

The more stunning the colour of the vegetable the better it is likely to be for you.  Carrots with their bright red beta-carotene content are still the number one vegetable in homes, whether cooked, raw, fresh or frozen.  They help to zap the baddy ‘free radicals’ and, as a result, keep you healthier and assist in your body’s fight against cancer, heart disease and many other nasty diseases.