Fabulous Fatacil

news: Fabulous Fatacil

Fatacil celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with a huge range of exhibitors and entertainment for its nine-day display that ends this Saturday. Stalls ranged from crafts and tourism to agriculture, trade and industry. Musical entertainment was provided by, among others, David Fonseca, Rui Veloso, Anjos and Luka.

Some visitors commented that this year there seemed to be more space and a better organisation of the stands, but one or two visitors expressed disappointment at the entrance fee of 3.50 euros, claiming that the Lagoa-based fair would attract more people and business if it were free. Despite the comments, the majority of visitors appeared to enjoy browsing the various stalls in the cool of the evening.

The fair was crowded by 8pm on most evenings, with large numbers turning up at 10pm to watch the live music acts.