F1 and MotoGP races in Portimão to boost local economy in midst of pandemic

Portimão Mayor Isilda Gomes has highlighted the importance of hosting two major motorsports races just a few weeks apart from each other as the events will pose “good opportunities” for local businesses.

The mayor made the statement in an open letter to the municipality’s business owners this week.

For the first time ever, the Algarve’s International Racetrack in Portimão will host a F1 Grand Prix. The ‘F1 Heineken Grand Prix Portugal’ will be held between October 23 and 25 and is expected to attract thousands of people to the Algarve.

Less than a month later, the 2020 MotoGP finale will take place at the racetrack between November 20 and 22.

These are arguably two of the biggest events that Portimão racetrack, inaugurated in 2008, has ever hosted.

“We will do everything we can to welcome the 80,000 people who will visit our town,” the mayor said.

While there will be considerable restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Isilda Gomes stresses that the two events represent a “wealth of opportunities for our local economic fabric”.

Thus, the local council has launched ‘Portimão Motorsports’, an initiative which will involve several events and entertainment taking place in Portimão between October 16 and 25 and November 13 and 22.

There will be concerts, car exhibitions, 7D simulators, gaming, an RFM radio truck airing live from Portimão and many other activities taking place in the town at the Largo da Mó and Alameda squares, 1º de Dezembro garden and riverside area to attract motorsports fans to the town.

The council ensures that all Covid-19 guidelines will be respected, and that safety will be a priority.

Meantime, Gomes said that ‘Portimão Motorsports’ also aims to become a “concept and a brand that establish Portimão as a town that welcomes motorsports fans with opens arms”.

In other words, the local council wants motorsports fans to discover all that Portimão has to offer, from its gastronomy to its traditional shopping streets.

On a closing note, the mayor once again spoke directly to business owners, urging them to show their “commitment and dedication” to “surprise those who visit us with our hospitality, professionalism and friendliness”.

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