Eye doctor accused of malpractice

Franciscus Versteeg, the Dutch eye doctor who operated on four patients who later suffered from serious eye infections, has been suspended by the Portuguese Ordem dos Médicos (Order of Doctors) for three months “due to medical malpractice”.

The suspension comes into force when Franciscus Versteeg, who runs a clinic in Lagoa but is currently in Holland, gets the notification.

Freire Andrade, chairman of the disciplinary board of Ordem dos Médicos, said: “The process is not closed and at the end of this suspension, Ordem dos Médicos will consider further action, which may be a warning, a sanction or even the expulsion of Franciscus Versteeg.”

Meanwhile, Catherine Donnelly, a British resident who was operated on at the clinic, told the Algarve Resident this week: “I have been a patient there for four years and am very angry because I’m now blind in my left eye.

“I have had two laser treatments and two cornea transplants and my vision is now less than 10 per cent. To add insult to injury, I paid 500 Euros.”

She said she has now presented a complaint to the GNR police.

Paulo Silvestre