Extreme hiking for the APAA

Algarve resident Shannon van der Ham will be embarking on an 18 mile trek to raise money for the Algarve animal charity the APAA.

However, this is far from your average sponsored walk as Shannon will be making her way up Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, California.

Half American, half Dutch, Shannon grew up in San Francisco but now lives in the Algarve and is travelling to America to celebrate a family birthday.

On June 8, Shannon, along with other members of her family, will attempt to complete the Half Dome trek while raising funds for animals back in the Algarve.

Shannon van der Ham, who lives in Vale Parra with her husband Tom, said: “I am crazy about animals so I thought I would combine a fantastic experience with my family with a way to help out the APAA.”

She added: “Climbing Half Dome is the ultimate Yosemite day hike. It is the one you can’t die without doing and the one you are most likely to die on while doing!

“At 2,650 metres it is a long steep climb and takes between 10 and 14 hours to complete. On the traditional scale of one to 10, this one rates as an 11.”

If you would like to donate money to the charity hike fund for the APAA, this can be done either as a direct transfer to the APPA bank account or by giving a cash or cheque donation to the charity via one of their shops in Albufeira, Alvor or Silves.

For further information, please visit or email