Extravagant weddings booming

Although marriages are on the decline in Portugal weddings are becoming a major industry in their own right as more people want their big day to be unique and extravagant.

In 2005, 48,671 marriages took place in Portugal and the following year, this fell to 47,857.

Despite the decrease, those who are getting married tend to spend more for their perfect day and to be unique.

Jasmine Lazzari, co-owner of The Wedding Company told The Resident: “We have people asking us for many different venues. We have planned weddings in Portugal for people in castles, on beaches, in hotels and of course in churches”.

Her business partner Sandra Janeiro said: “Although the company is still relatively young, we understand that people want a unique and extravagant wedding. To achieve this individuality, they are willing to pay more for this”.

She added: “We cater to individual needs and can provide anything that clients request for their big day. No request is too trivial and this is the way that the business is nowadays”.

Many pay upwards of 20,000 euros in order to achieve the luxury individually catered wedding and this has in turn seen an influx of hundreds of wedding planning companies flooding the market to keep up with demand.

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