Extradition to Portugal of suspected teen killer “could happen this week”

After the long-awaited announcement that the chief suspect in the brutal killing of Aljezur teen Bruna Nunes had finally been arrested in Romania, national tabloid Correio da Manhã reports that a team of PJ police officers is on its way to bring him back to Portugal.

Mihai Rasvan Oprea will be extradited “even this week”, says the paper today. He is due to be brought before a judge to hear his ‘measures of enforcement’.

Considering Oprea has been ‘on the run’ since December 2015, these are almost certainly to involve preventive custody in jail.

Oprea was arrested on January 17 (click here), after weeks of police collaboration between authorities in Romania and Portugal.

When the story of his detention broke in Romania, news services repeated the horrific details of Bruna’s death, suggesting Oprea had been trying to keep a very low profile back in his home country, so that no one would denounce him.

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