Extra-lean and bursting with flavour

Providing only the best in quality meats, the Natural Meat Co in Almancil is the Algarve’s only outlet to sell exclusively picked Uruguayan mouth-watering meats.

The recently established company, founded by two Uruguay native chefs, Agustin and Santiago, offers top of the range certified meats, with a specialised and personalised service.

All cuts of meat available at the Natural Meat Co come from animals that have been reared in natural pastures – without antibiotics or hormones, are no more than two years old and weigh 500-600 kilograms. All meats are vacuum matured for 30 days at temperatures between 0-1 degrees – producing the most tender, flavoursome cuts around.

The Natural Meat Co’s exclusive selection of meat includes Rib Eye, Sirloin and Fillet.

Giving customers the perfect combination that highlights the flavour and juiciness wanted in a cut of meat, the rib-eye or rib bone-round, that originates from the back of an animal, is a popular option.

The fillet, which is cut in a perpendicular way to the grain of meat and is located along an animal’s spine and under the ribs, is appreciated by clients for its tenderness, mild flavour and juiciness.

A grilling favourite, the sirloin, is the more fatty filtrated cut available in store. However, when cooked correctly, produces an exquisite dining delight.

Uruguayan meat is particularly recommended for healthy diets, containing low levels of fats, of which 77% are considered good fats that help lower cholesterol.

Meats from this region are also associated with feeding only from natural pastures, and have high levels of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.

Why not call into the Almancil shop and try the meat for yourself? All customers of the Natural Meat Co are welcome to enjoy the tasting area, where you can taste products, marinated and prepared by their highly qualified team, bringing more quality and flavour to your life – Uruguayan style!

■ For more information about the Natural Meat Co, please contact 289 391 939 or email [email protected] or visit