Export incentive for Algarve companies

An incentives plan aimed at helping Algarve companies to promote their products and services in the international export market has been launched by the Associação de Comércio e Serviços do Algarve (ACRAL).

The initiative, entitled Algarve Exportador, backed by a funding of nearly €350,000, is intended to benefit companies in the food and drink sector and construction and services.

And ACRAL is set to participate in some of the principal international fairs in Brazil, China, Mozambique as well as Lisbon, in order to broadcast the message which will be aided by catalogues, a website and video promotions.

João Rosado, President of ACRAL, said: “In a period of socio-economic complications, the approval of this project represents a window of opportunity for the companies involved to open new markets.”

He added: “The incentive aims, in an innovative form for the region, to accelerate the process of companies with a common interest to participate together and promote their respective products and services to the relevant markets. We are certain that the final results of Algarve Exportador will be positive.”

Approval of the funding followed an application by ACRAL to the ‘PO Algarve21 SMEs incentives system’.