Explosives found on frontier

Spanish border police have found 47.5kgs of explosives of the type used in the Madrid blasts. The discovery was made in an area known as Alto da Moneda in the municipality of A Veiga in Galicia. It has placed Spanish authorities on a state of alert and prompted Portuguese authorities to increase frontier patrols and trucks inspections. “The March 11 attacks have led to more rigorous frontier inspections and, obviously, this type of news makes us redouble our efforts,” said a senior GNR commander.

Goma 2 Eco is the explosive of choice for many terrorists, including Basque Separatist group, Eta, and other organisations. Although it is now known that Islamic extremists carried out the March attacks – which led to 200 deaths – it is thought that the suppliers that sold explosives to the Arab terrorist cell could be a former Eta supplier.

The latest haul of explosives was discovered on the perimeter of a quarry, which closed at the beginning of the year after the site was found to be using poor quality dynamite. A source from the Spanish Guarda Civil said: “Since the beginning of April, we have been searching through quarries with a fine tooth comb and we have already found hundreds of kilos of illegal dynamite.”

Goma 2 Eco is considered to be a very safe form of explosive, as it does not melt. It is composed of gelignite and nitroglycerine, and sold in small strips.