Exploring the English language in Lagoa

An ALFA Exploring English meeting is taking place on March 14 at Convento de São José in Lagoa from 2.30pm.

Two speakers, Carol Macdonald and Maxwell Birch, have been invited for “wildly different reasons”,  said organiser Jenny Grainer.

“Carol Macdonald is a delightful and gentle woman who was leading a pleasant and happy life when disaster struck in the form of a poisonous spider in her garden,” said Jenny.

“The medical saga which has followed in saving her life is a shocking tale well worth listening to.”

Maxwell Birch has lived most of his life in Portugal along with his parents and inherited the family entrepreneurial genes.

He will be speaking about his study of viniculture and how he came to be running the Adega do Cantor, where he makes and bottles the wine of Sir Cliff Richard.

ALFA Exploring English tries to examine the English language mainly through the written and spoken word. Speakers are invited for having led interesting lives and many have regional accents which give an added interest to their stories.

Those wishing to participate in the ALFA Exploring English meetings should contact Jenny Grainer by email at [email protected].

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