Exploring the Algarve – experiences and places to visit

Exploring the Algarve

Be it a temporary vacation or a weekend holiday, the Algarve is the perfect destination to spend some quality time in. The warm climate, the delicious wine and cuisine and the activities available turn any vacation into a memorable experience.

A sunny getaway is part of most people’s yearly plans, but most only plan for one or two weeks. So if you have the freedom to do so, why not spend a winter, or even a full year, in paradise? Whether you are retired or simply taking a break from work, if your commitments allow it, a prolonged stay in the Algarve will be so much more fulfilling than a quick beach-holiday. Just ask the huge community of expats found all across the Algarve, the longer you stay, the more you fall in love.


Where to stay

Quinta dos Vales offers a wide array of different rental properties, which are also ideally suited for longer stays. The estate is located near dozens of award-winning beaches and golf-courses, as well as numerous marinas and shopping centres. All this while still being able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, and being integrated into a 50-hectare wine estate with extensive amenities and even fiber-optic internet connection.

At Quinta dos Vales these modern comforts are contrasted with the rustic surroundings of vineyards, ancient olive trees, wildlife and open spaces that allow for a variety of activities and entertainment.


What to do

The southern Algarve region is the jewel of Portugal. In there you will find breathtaking coastline, epic caves, beaches and year-round great weather. You can spend your days exploring the surrounding nature, hiking and walking along the coast, wandering beach side or wandering about the many villages.

At Quinta dos Vales you can combine your accommodation place in which you are staying in with a lot of activities – and not all of them are the typical activities you may find in hotels and resorts. Besides the tennis and padel courts, mini-golf course, badminton and volleyball court and swimming pools, there are also unique activities in the Estate (such as tours, wine tastings, bottle blending workshops, tasting meals and much more).


Local gastronomy

One of the best ways to explore a new region, besides the visiting and exploring of the views and locals, is through its cuisine, and the Algarve is well known for its culinary reputation. Whether you’re looking for a Michelin star experience or to enjoy simple, freshly prepared local food, you’ll for sure find something special in the Algarve.

From the fresh seafood (conquilhas, clams, oysters and many others), fish caught right on the region’s seaside (cod, sardines, sea bass) and the traditional meats (chicken piri-piri, roasted boar, feijoada) there are lots of culinary wonders to discover, from the couvert to the desserts.

Besides the great food, the Algarve wine is also a staple of the region’s culture that cannot be missed.


Algarve’s Wine

It is no news to anyone that Portugal has some of the best wines in the world. What is also not news is that the Algarve’s oldest

Wine Estate (Quinta dos Vales) is a famous producer of top-quality wines that enchant every wine-lover.

The monumental winery is located in the western part of the Algarve region. This one of a kind winery owns an award-winning premium wine cellar, a panoramic terrace, and an authentic garden decorated surrounded with artistic sculptures. What’s more, it offers one of the finest accommodation villas with terraces and two grand swimming pools, combining the taste of Europe’s most quality wines and the wondrous Algarve nature.

This South of Portugal resort’s finest vineyard contains 15 different grape varieties, resulting in some of the finest bottles of red, white and rosé wines. All these exquisite wine sorts are open for tasting –  Quinta dos Vales wine tasting.

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