Explore Algarve Through a Unique Winery Experience

A unique winery experience in Algarve

Portugal is a wine powerhouse. The country is making better wine than ever, and the quality is through the roof! And although some wines, like the ones from Douro and Port, enjoy international acclaim, you’ll be pleased to know there’s exceptional wine coming from every corner of the country.

One of the most exciting sources of fine wine is Algarve. Portugal’s southernmost wine region is more than a lovely getaway destination; it’s heaven for food and wine lovers. How to learn more about Algarve? Explore its wineries. Here’s a winery experience in Algarve you just can’t miss.

All You Need to Know About Algarve

Algarve is the southernmost region in Portugal; it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean on two sides, and it’s a sunny destination for leisure lovers. The beaches are only surpassed in beauty by the verdant vineyards inland.

Roughly two and a half-hour drive from Lisbon, Algarve is a popular destination for local and international tourists alike. This was once a Roman province, which means there’s something for history buffs in Algarve as well. Of course, no one enjoys the region more than wine lovers.

Algarve is home to four protected wine regions or DOCs, Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira. They’re all dotted with quality-minded wineries, which are often also fantastic lodging alternatives and sources of the most authentic wine experiences.


The Terroir

Algarve has a unique terroir — the geographic and climatic conditions that give the wine its personality. The region receives stunning 3,000 hours of sunlight every year, and the vineyards are sheltered from the northern winds by the Serra de Monchique.

The calcareous clay soils and the refreshing Oceanic breeze make Algarve ideal for growing wine grapes, including the local Touriga Franca, Alicante Bouschet, Arinto, Castelão, Alvarinho, Antão Vaz and many others. International varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Pinot Noir, also feel right at home in the warm area.

The region’s vast grape repertoire and blessed terroir mean you’ll find red, white and rosé wine in all styles and price points. From wine for everyday enjoyment to authentic gems best suited for memorable occasions, Algarve has a bottle of wine for you.

How to enjoy the wine from Algarve? By touring the wineries, of course. The traditional producers in the area are more than sources of exceptional wine; they’re places to sit back and relax and perhaps learn a little more about your favourite fermented drink.


Experience Algarve in Quinta dos Vales

Quinta dos Vales is one of the most traditional yet innovative estates in Algarve. Its 44 hectares are some of the most visited in western Algarve, and it’s easy to see why — the estate has earned national and international acclaim.

The boutique winery offers many surprises and wine experiences in Algarve, amongst the region’s natural beauty, and guided by true hospitality professionals and wine experts. Quinta dos Vales has spearheaded wine tourism in the area since 2007. Here are just a few wine experiences in Algarve by Quinta dos Vales, from tasting the region’s wines to making your own.

Bottle Blending Experience

For an enjoyable time and a delicious learning experience, Quinta dos Vales offers visitors the opportunity to blend their own wine, bottle it and take it home. Mentored by the winery’s professionals, you’ll learn the difference in taste, texture and aroma between the local varieties — then, you’ll use that knowledge to create your very own blend.

Share your wine with friends and family back home and show off your blending skills. Now, if a bottle of wine is not enough for you, blend your own barrel!


Barrel Blending Experience

If you were wondering if you would make a good winemaker, now you can find out. Quinta dos Vales offers a unique Barrel Blending Experience, where you get to select wines from the winery’s vast barrel room and assemble them into your own barrel.

Every barrel of wine contains three hundred bottles, which you can customise to your liking for an authentic micro-production. Stock your cellar with your own wine or send your bottles as exclusive gifts. Blending wine straight from the barrels is what we call a hands-on wine experience.

The Winemaker Experience

The ultimate wine experience in Algarve is only available in Quinta dos Vales. Rent or purchase a grape-yielding vineyard, tend it throughout the year with the help of the estate’s team and watch your wine come to life, from grape to bottle.

If you want to become a winemaker but don’t want to start from scratch, in one of the sunniest and most generous terroirs in Europe, Algarve is waiting for you.

Algarve Is Waiting

Algarve is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe, thanks to its delicious food and wine, its gorgeous beaches and the awe-inspiring vineyards. Algarve is the place to go to enjoy the good life under a clear, blue sky with a glass of wine in hand. As for wine experiences, the region’s producers have you covered. You can make all your vinous dreams come true in Algarve!