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Explaining Troika

Seminars explaining the measures resulting from the memorandum signed with the Troika will be taking place in Porto on September 28 and again in Lisbon on September 29.

The seminars have been organised by the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in association with the German-Portuguese Chamber and the law firm PLMJ.

During the seminars, the memorandum signed between Portugal and Troika will be examined, including the direct, short and long term measures especially within public finance in Portugal and how these translate into substantial changes within tax and labour legislation.

The Porto seminar will be held at the Hotel Tiara Park Atlantic while the Lisbon seminar will take place in the auditorium of the PLMJ lawyers firm.

Both will begin at 9am with a breakfast and continue until lunch.

Participation in the event costs €40 for members and €75 for guests.

For further information about the seminars or to book a place, please call 213 942 020 or visit