Photo of a butterfly on a piece of wood

Experiencing butterflies… all around you!

Reopened in April, Zoomarine has returned for another season filled with fun, smiles, magic, and beautiful butterflies!

Year after year, this theme park treats us with something new and truly remarkable. And in 2022 it’s time to discover some beautiful and colourful insects, as the first butterfly garden in the Algarve is born. In this tropical environment with more than 300 sqm, you can find several species of butterflies, from different parts of the planet, all the way from Central America to Asia. Botanically speaking, this new immersion habitat has more than 70 species of plant, where you can witness the fascinating life cycle of these graceful insects.

Zoomarine’s Butterfly Garden is home to hundreds of butterflies that help us understand the important role these insects play in the environment, with emphasis on the pollination process, at a time when the decrease in the number of bees throughout the world is increasingly evident and worrying. In addition, it also offers a content-rich experience for school visits, allowing topics such as the interaction between organisms, camouflage, the importance of insects, and the conservation of these species, to be explored.

Focused on continuing to provide a memorable and safe visit, Zoomarine maintains all the usual safety rules and the most recent guidelines by Portugal’s health authorities. Amongst the various measures in place, there is the self-determination of the maximum capacity for each day, and the mandatory check-in beforehand.

Determined to make everyone’s experience at Zoomarine the very best possible, and in an effort to make visiting to the park safer and more practical, they have created and made available a wristband that allows visitors to make payments inside the theme park without using cash or cards – the Zoomarine Pay. The wristband is waterproof, can be reused and charged at any time during your visit, by kids and adults alike!

Zoomarine is considered one of the best theme parks in Europe and it is definitely an experience not to be missed. In this new and promising 2022 season, new records of magic and fun will certainly be attained by all those who visit Albufeira‘s theme park!

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Family running out of the water in Zoomarine's beach where this year a butterflies garden was born

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